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Friday, September 14 –Saturday, September 15 2018
Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius University



Prof. Pranas Serpytis

Prof. Joseph Alpert
Prof. Holger Thiele
Prof. Aleksandras Laucevicius


Prof. Pranas Serpytis (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Prof.  Joseph Alpert (Arizona, USA)
Prof. Gerhard Schuler (Leipzig, Germany)
Prof. Holger Thiele (Lubeck, Germany)
Prof.  Audrius Aidietis  (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Doc. Giedrė Bakšytė  (Kaunas, Lithuania)
Arvydas Baranauskas  MD (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Tomas Jovaiša (London, UK)
Gintaras Kalinauskas, MD (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Prof. Aleksandras Laucevicius (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Prof. Andrius  Macas  (Kaunas, Lithuania)
Prof. Germanas Marinskis (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Sandra Mažeikienė,  MD(Klaipėda, Lithuania)
Ieva Norkiene, MD (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Prof. Ramunas Navickas (Kaunas, Lithuania)
Prof. Zaneta Petrulioniene (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Prof. Kestutis Rucinskas (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Robertas Samalavicius, MD (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Rokas Serpytis, MD (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Doc. Ramūnas Unikas  (Kaunas, Lithuania)
Prof.  Saulius Vosylius   (Vilnius, Lithuania)


Prof. Joseph Alpert (USA)
Serik Bekbossynov, MD (Kazakhstan)
Prof. Qin Chen (USA)
Prof. Steffen Desch (Germany)
Prof. Andrejs Erglis (Latvia)
Georg Fuernau, MD (Germany)
Prof. Robert Gil (Poland)
Prof. Patrick Goldstein (France)
Prof. Yonathan Hasin (Israel)
Tal Hasin, MD (Israel)
Prof. Anna Herrey (United Kingdom)
Prof. Kurt Huber (Austria)
Prof. Zaza Iakobishvili (Israel)
Rakesh Jalali, MD (Poland)
Tomas Jovaisa (United Kingdom)
Artis Kalnins, MD (Latvia)
Prof. Abdo Khoury (France)
Lukasz Koltowski, MD (Poland)
Prof. Indulis Kumsars (Latvia)
Prof. Maddalena Lettino (Italy)
Philipp Lurz, MD (Germany)
Prof. Mekhman N. Mamedov (Russia)
Prof. James Moon (United Kingdom)
Prof. Aleksandar N. Neskovic (Serbia)
Prof. Alexander Parkhomenko (Ukraine)
Prof. Jan Piek (Netherlands)
Prof. Susanna Price (United Kingdom)
Prof. Julius Ptasekas (Latvia)
Prof. Stefano Savonitto (Italy)
Prof. Gerhard Schuler (Germany)
Prof. Peter Sogaard (Denmark)
Prof. Holger Thiele (Germany)
Prof. Kristian Thygesen (Denmark)
Prof. Marco Tubaro (Italy)
Prof. Christiaan Vrints (Belgium)
Suzanne de Waha, MD (Germany)
Prof. Adam Witkowski (Poland)
Prof. Doron Zahger (Israel)
Tomas Zaremba MD (Denmark)
Prof. Uwe Zeymer (Germany)


Saturday, September 14th
Session No 1: Acute Coronary Syndromes
Lecture: From Prevention to Intervention
Lecture: Culprit vs multivessel PCI for patients with STEMI and multi vessel disease
Lecture: Treatment of ACS in the elderly
Lecture: Angiography for ACS
Lecture: Primary PCI and other problems with ACS
Lecture: Thrombus aspiration in myocardial infarction – is it all over but the memories?
Lecture: Worsening renal function in acute coronary patients: impact on prognosis and approaches for pharmacological interventions
Session No 2: Emergency Medicine – from diagnosis to treatment
Lecture: Сardiac biomarkers: rapid rule-in and rule-out myocardial infarction
Lecture: Сardiac biomarkers: rapid rule-in and rule-out myocardial infarction
Lecture: FoCUS in Emergency Cardiac Care: Benefits and Risks
Lecture: Thrombolysis in pulmonary embolism
Lecture: Non invasive ventilation in out of hospital and in the ED
Lecture: The challenge of prediction and early recognition of cardiogenic shock
Lecture: Disaster medicine
Lecture: Morphine and effects on antiplatelet therapy
Lecture: Still antiplatelet treatment before the cathlab
Session No 3: Sudden Death and Resuscitation
Lecture: Post-resuscitation care at ACCA
Lecture: State of the heart of cardiopulonary resuscitation
Lecture: Post resuscitation care in sudden cardiac death patients: focus on target temperature control
Lecture: Ventilation in cardiac arrest
Session No 4: Valvular Heart Diseases
Lecture: TAVI – should we treat intermediate risk patients?
Lecture: MVRx ARTO System (Septal Sinus Shortening) for treatment of mitral regurgitation. MAVERIC Trial
Lecture: Interventional treatment of tricuspid regurgitation – the forgotten valve?
Lecture: Mitral valve therapies
Session No 5: Clinical Pharmacology and
Lecture: Atrial fibrillation and New oral anticoagulants – a practical guide
Lecture: Hormone replacement therapy and heart disease: facts and fiction
Lecture: Choice of NOACs in stroke prevention during atrial fibrillation
Lecture: Managing chronic CAD
Lecture: Treatment of Heart Faillure
Lecture: Perioperative antiplatelet therapy in patients with recently implanted stents who need to undergo cardiac and non cardiac surgery
Session No 6: Interventional treatment
Lecture: Thoracic endovascular aortic repair in type B dissection and overt rupture
Lecture: Renal Denervation
Lecture: Treatment of coronary bifurcations
Lecture: Long term follow-ups in Nordic-Baltic Bifurcation studies
Lecture: Anticoagulation for ACS
Lecture: Left main PCI
Lecture: Aortic Trauma: Interventional treatment
Galla Dinner
Saturday, September 15th
Session No 7: Cardiogenic Shock
Lecture: Cardiogenic shock – state-of-the-art
Lecture: ECMO in the elderly
Lecture: Revascularization strategies in CS
Lecture: Endothelial dysfunction in patients supported with LVAD.
Lecture: Assist device therapy in cardiogenic shock
Lecture: Cardiogenic shock
Session No 8: Guidelines and General Care
Lecture: Universal definition of myocardial infarction: type 2 MI and myocardial injury
Lecture: Infective endocarditis – what is new?
Lecture: Myocarditis
Lecture: Cardio-oncology comorbidites
Lecture: NSTEMI: What is new in the new 2015 ESC guidelines?
Lecture: Cardiac rehab in patients with cardiac disease
Session No 9: Imaging techniques
Lecture: The role of CMR in the assessment of cardiac infiltration
Lecture: The multimodality imaging of the pregnant cardiac patient
Lecture: Role of Echocardiography in Acute Heart Failure
Lecture: The athletes heart – new imaging insights
Lecture: Intracoronary diagnostic methods (iFR/FFR, IVUS,NIRS OCT)
Lecture: Use of CMR in challenging clinical scenarios
Session No 10: New developements in Cardiology
Lecture: Targets of therapy to promote myocardial salvage beyond reperfusion
Lecture: Electronic ICU
Lecture: New developments in basic science that hopefully will improve clinical the outlook for patients with heart disease
Lecture: Translation of molecular cardiology in a real emergency clinical practice
Lecture: Mens health problems in cardiology
Lecture: Treatment of diastolic heart failure
Lecture: Interventional Stroke treatment
Closing remarks, Prof. P. Serpytis
September 14 th:
Poster Session 1
September 15 th:
 Poster Session 2


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